Spanish cooking techniques

Spanish gastronomy is traditionally responsible for dozens of cooking techniques. More recently, Spanish chefs such as Ferran Adrià have lead a new wave of research and innovation that has resulted in the fastest technical progress that gastronomy has ever seen throughout its history.

Ham croquetas

The best ham croquetas

I absolutely love Spanish ham croquetas. In fact, I don’t know anyone who doesn’t. Unless of course, you are a vegetarian, in which case…

The Canary Islands 'Mojos' |

The Canary Islands ‘Mojos’

Mojos are the most popular speciality of the traditional Canarian cuisine. The ‘Mojo Picón’ is perhaps the most popular, but only one of the many varieties produced in the islands.

Escabeche: the new Spanish ceviche? |

Escabeche: The new Spanish ceviche?

Now that the ceviches are conquering every foodie’s heart, it’s time to look at another traditional method to marinate food using an acids-based marinade.