When it comes to locally-sourced ingredients, Spain is blessed with abundance and generosity. Only this extraordinary variety of super high-quality products explains why gastronomy enjoys such a central role within our culture. At HolaFoodie, we love telling you about some of these Spanish food products so that you can learn to love them as much as we do.

The making of olive oil |

The making of olive oil

Making olive oil is not easy. It requires both skill and experience. The process is long, complex and full of factors that can influence…

Gran Vinum Albarino vineyards | Albarino, the wine of the sea |

Albarino, the wine of the sea

It’s early morning in Illa de Arousa when we drive across the bridge towards the ‘continent’ – as the local signs ironically refer to…

A beginners' guide to Sherry |

A beginners’ guide to Sherry

Still today, some think of Sherry as that old-fashion wine that only Granny likes to drink once a year for Christmas. Some others though…

The Canary Islands 'Mojos' |

The Canary Islands ‘Mojos’

Mojos are the most popular speciality of the traditional Canarian cuisine. The ‘Mojo Picón’ is perhaps the most popular, but only one of the many varieties produced in the islands.


Turrón, the king of Spanish Xmas

Two elements define Spanish Xmas more than any other: the family celebrations and the turrón. Miss one of the two and nobody will believe…