burgos city map for foodies

Burgos city map for foodies

Planning a trip to Burgos? We’ve put together this Burgos city map for foodies to tell you about the best places to eat or shop for local food.

Interview with Diego Guerrero | holafoodie.com

Interview with Diego Guerrero

Only few times one has the pleasure to chat with someone so convinced about generosity as a mean to procure everyone else’s enjoyment. If…

Cojonudo & Cojonuda Recipe | holafoodie.com

Cojonudo & Cojonuda

Let’s get things straight from the beginning… ‘Cojonudo’ is a Spanish word that comes from the term ‘cojones’ (bollocks, testicles). It literally refers to…

Cambrils. A foodie tour | holafoodie.com

Cambrils. A foodie tour.

My grandpa was born in Cambrils in 1905, when the place was still a tiny fishing town. Back then, most villagers would hardly make a living either as fishermen or farmers. A time when nobody from outside the village seemed to have noticed yet about this little paradise.