Tiger nut horchata recipe | holafoodie.com

Tiger nut horchata

You’ve probably heard of Mexican horchata before. But this is different. This is a tiger nut horchata. A drink so delicious that you won’t…

Romesco sauce recipe | holafoodie.com

Romesco sauce

The romesco sauce could well be the queen of Catalan sauces. Of course there is the allioli, the samfaina and a couple more that…

Escabeche Quail Salad Recipe | holafoodie.com

Quail escabeche salad

One of my all-time favourite salads. A classic yet sophisticated Spanish recipe that borrows the best from the ‘escabeche’ technique to create a super…

A beginners' guide to Sherry | holafoodie.com

A beginners’ guide to Sherry

Still today, some think of Sherry as that old-fashion wine that only Granny likes to drink once a year for Christmas. Some others though…

Beetroot salmorejo Recipe | holafoodie.com

Beetroot salmorejo

The colder the salmorejo the better. Leave it in the fridge for as long as you can. Salmorejo tastes even better if you leave it to rest in the fridge overnight!

The Canary Islands 'Mojos' | holafoodie.com

The Canary Islands ‘Mojos’

Mojos are the most popular speciality of the traditional Canarian cuisine. The ‘Mojo Picón’ is perhaps the most popular, but only one of the many varieties produced in the islands.

Spanish Torrijas Recipe | holafoodie.com

Milk-soaked torrijas

Easter is almost here and with Easter come torrijas. Or at least that’s the way it works in Spain! I still remember how my…

Pheasant Escabeche Recipe | holafoodie.com

Wild pheasant escabeche

One of the oldest Spanish food preservation techniques makes a glorious comeback to become the ultimate tupperware recipe. A delicious and tender pheasant with…

Wild Trout Escabeche Recipe | holafoodie.com

Wild trout in escabeche

I love escabeches. I really do. Not only they’re quick and easy to cook. I also find them delicious. And since they keep perfectly well in the fridge for days, they are a terrific choice when planning your weekly tupperware menu.

Gilda recipe | holafoodie.com


This is a pintxo which is part of the Basque identity. It is also delicious, it can be done in no time and it needs hardly any cooking skills to master it. If that wouldn’t be good enough, it’s also a great option if you happen to be on a diet.

The Canary Islands 'Mojos' | holafoodie.com

Green coriander mojo with wrinkly potatoes

The ‘Mojo de Cilantro’ is the king of the Canarian green ‘mojos’. Almost as popular as the ‘Mojo Picón’, this is a milder variety which makes it the perfect complement for any fish-based recipe.

Sardines, tuna & anchovies coca recipe | holafoodie.com

Sardines, tuna & anchovies coca

Coca is to Catalans what pizza is to Italians. A fun, simple and delicious comfort food that everyone will love. And here’s the good news: it’s dead simple to make it. Shall we?

Veggie Catalan Coca Recipe | holafoodie.com

How to make Catalan coca

Coca is to Catalans what pizza to Italians. A fun, simple and delicious comfort food that everyone will love. And here’s the good news: it’s dead simple to make it. Shall we?

Mussels and maize croquettes | holafoodie.com

Mussels and maize croquettes

Half croquette, half tiger. Discover the winning combination of flavours and textures that this simple recipe will bring to your table.

Escabeche: the new Spanish ceviche? | holafoodie.com

Escabeche: The new Spanish ceviche?

Now that the ceviches are conquering every foodie’s heart, it’s time to look at another traditional method to marinate food using an acids-based marinade.

Beef meatballs with cuttlefish | holafoodie.com

Beef meatballs with cuttlefish

Adding seafood to a meaty pot might sound like a bizarre idea. Yet for many centuries, Catalans have experienced and enjoyed the delicate results of this very pleasant combination.

A Pilgrimage to El Celler de Can Roca | holafoodie.com

A pilgrimage to El Celler de Can Roca

The world’s best restaurant in 2013 according to Restaurant Magazine. Second best this year only after Noma in Copenhagen. This is the story of our visit to the home of the Roca brothers.