Zaragoza city map for foodies

zaragoza city map for foodies
Zaragoza is my hometown. But it is also a fantastic city to go for a stroll and enjoy some of the many tapas bars offering local specialities. Come and explore my city with me. Thanks to this Zaragoza city map for foodies, we will visit some great restaurants, charming tapas bars and beautiful markets.

Despite often being ignored as a gastronomic capital, Zaragoza has got so much to offer to the foodie visitor… Amazing bakeries, old and stunning delicatessen shops, great restaurants serving traditional Aragón cuisine and an endless offer of tapas bars serving some delightful bites. Discover the ternasco (milk-fed lamb), the borrajas –a veggie which you won’t find anywhere else– and many other mouth watering local products.

If you have any suggestions on what to add/remove from the map, let us know here and we’ll make sure to try it next time we’re in town!

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