The arrival of Cambrils’ fishermen

Every afternoon in Cambrils, a bunch of curious people still gather around the harbour to welcome the no more than 20 boats that make it back from the sea after a very long day of hard work.

There used to be plenty more boats in the past, when the local fish market was buzzing with buyers auctioning for the best-quality fish. But these days are gone now. You only need to look at the tanned thickened skin of the fishermen to understand why. The young generations don’t want to follow their predecessor’s tough life at the sea.

Somehow, that’s precisely what makes attending the arrival of Cambrils’ trawlers something special. It might not be long before this becomes a rare opportunity to witness a soon-to-be-extinct activity. But most crucially, it is a chance to appreciate the incredibly hard work that goes into catching the fish that we then enjoy at our tables. Definitely something we shouldn’t take for granted. These men are real heroes. The kind that we’ll miss one day, when we walk down to the harbour and no boats arrive at 4:30pm.