Many friends ask us for food recommendations when planning their next trip to Spain. That is why decided to put together these maps with some of our favourite places to eat, drink, buy local food or simply visit some of the places we love.

burgos city map for foodies

Burgos city map for foodies

Planning a trip to Burgos? We’ve put together this Burgos city map for foodies to tell you about the best places to eat or shop for local food.

granada city map for foodies

Granada city map for foodies

No place like Granada exemplifies in a better way the cultural crossover that was Spain for centuries. Explore the best foodie places in town with our Granada City Map for Foodies.

zaragoza city map for foodies

Zaragoza city map for foodies

Zaragoza is my hometown. Come with me, explore it like a local and enjoy some of the many wonderful tapas bars and restaurants. Learn what to eat and where to eat it and visit some of the best local markets and food delis.

Barcelona city map for foodies

Get ready for your trip to Barcelona, find out the best places to eat and learn where to buy real local food with our Barcelona map for foodies.