The ajoblanco can be considered one of the original cold soups that are so traditional in the southern Spanish region of Andalusia. Less famous…

Iberico ham and melon salad recipe | holafoodie.com

Iberico ham and melon salad

The classic Spanish ham and melon combination turned into a fun and colourful summer salad with extra flavour enhancement. It’s mid October and we’re…

Deep-fried Padron Peppers Recipe | holafoodie.com

Deep-fried Padron Peppers

Galicians have a popular saying that describes Padron peppers better than anything else: ‘Os pementos de Padrón, uns pican e outros non’. It means…

Salmorejo from Cordoba recipe | holafoodie.com

Salmorejo from Cordoba

There are recipes with so much to tell that they could easily become a cooking book of their own right. I like to think…

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Tiger nut horchata

You’ve probably heard of Mexican horchata before. But this is different. This is a tiger nut horchata. A drink so delicious that you won’t…

Beetroot salmorejo Recipe | holafoodie.com

Beetroot salmorejo

The colder the salmorejo the better. Leave it in the fridge for as long as you can. Salmorejo tastes even better if you leave it to rest in the fridge overnight!