Flor de Sal and the salterns of Es Trenc

Flor de Sal and the salterns of Es Trenc | holafoodie.com
There are many more reasons to visit Majorca than I can possibly list in this post.  But let’s start with at least one: Es Trenc, an area well known for its stunning natural beach as well as for its ‘Flor de Sal’, one of the world’s best natural sea salts.

As we drive East from Palma and the landscape turns increasingly rural, the sight of the first abandoned windmills announces that we’re quickly approaching Es Trenc.

Located in the southeastern part of the island, tens of thousands of visitors arrive here every year attracted by the two miles-long beach of fine white sand and crystal-clear turquoise waters. What only some few might know though, is that well before the tourism there was the salt.

Centuries before the Balearic archipelago became a world class destination for sun seekers, the salines of Es Trenc were already an important epicentre for sea salt production, first run by Phoenicians and Romans and thereafter by everyone else who settled down in this stunning paradise that is Majorca.


The cleanest waters of the Mediterranean.

The area of Es Trenc is blessed with some of the cleanest waters of the Mediterranean. Crystalline waters and mild sea breezes which together with plenty of sunlight and low air humidity create the ideal natural conditions to generate the Flor de Sal, a very special type of sea salt with amazing natural properties.

Contrary to most cooking salts you can find in the supermarket, the Flor de Sal is 100% pure, meaning that nothing gets added in or taken from the salt during the natural elaboration process. The unique shape of the natural salt formations in the form of minuscule flowers — it only appears on the top layer of the salt flats — gives the name to this salt: Flor de Sal or ‘flower of salt’.

Entirely harvested by hand with the help of rakes, the Flor de Sal is then dried under the Mediterranean sun before it’s mixed with different herbs and spices to create the multiple variants that are sold in boutique food stores all over the world.

Flor de Sal

The result, a very aromatic sea salt, very low in sodium and with over 80 minerals; between 16 and 20 times the amount of magnesium and double the potassium and calcium of a standard salt. Highly appreciated by chefs and food lovers, it’s the perfect seasoning touch for meats, fish, vegetables or even desserts.

Remember, if you happen to visit Majorca and fancy learning how salt is made, don’t miss a tour around the saltern of Es Trenc. Not only you’ll learn something new but you’ll also discover a spectacular landscape made of sand, water and salt. Plus then, once you’re done with it, you just need a little walk before accessing one of the most beautiful unspoilt beaches in the island. Just a warning though… In Majorca unspoilt doesn’t necessarily mean tranquil. Beware of the masses of tourists, especially during the summer months!

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Mallorca Es Trenc Flor de Sal

‘Flor de Sal’ shop and outdoor café area.


Visitor information

From April to October there are guided visits to the salterns every weekday (Mon to Fri)  at 12pm.

For more info and reservations:
+34 971 655 306
+34 636 333 630