Burgos city map for foodies

burgos city map for foodies
Welcome to Burgos! Welcome to my beautiful hometown! During your stay here you will be able to walk through centuries of Spanish history, visit one of the world’s most spectacular gothic cathedrals and of course, enjoy one of the most appreciated cuisines all over the country.

Eduardo and I love Burgos. Of course it is my hometown and my family still lives there, which is enough of a reason for us to enjoy the place. But Burgos is also a stunning old town blessed with the footprint of history, stunning gothic architecture and a gastronomy showcasing the best of the traditional Castilian cuisine. Mention Burgos to a group of Spaniards and they will invariably remind you about the quality of its cuisine! Our Burgos city map for foodies will hopefully assist you through the narrow old town alleyways full of amazing restaurants and bustling tapas bars. Enjoy Burgos!

If you have any suggestions on what to add/remove from the map, let us know here and we’ll make sure to try it next time we’re in town!

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