Barcelona city map for foodies

Get ready for your trip to Barcelona, find out the best places to eat and learn where to buy some real local food to bring back home with our Barcelona city map for foodies.

A wonderful city with so much to offer, Barcelona is one of our favourite cities in the world and one we keep very close to our hearts. But being a top tourism destination also means plenty of bad food and expensive prices. Unless of course, you know your way around or you use our Barcelona city map for foodies.

After having so many friends asking us for recommendations on where to eat and what to buy, we decided to put together this ever-evolving Barcelona map for foodies with some of our favourite places for you to enjoy. All tested and all authentic! Enjoy Barcelona!

If you have any suggestions on what to add/remove from the map, let us know here and we’ll make sure to try it next time we’re in town!