Charo Salguero Churrera El Puerto de Santa Maria | The Queen of Churros |

The Queen of Churros

Churros are a big deal in Spain. And most big deals are in need of heroes who represent the cause and make it better….

Orange stuffed olives

Orange stuffed olives

‘Orange and olives’ is one of those combinations that can be categorized as a gastronomic miracle. Try this super easy recipe to find out…

Arroz con leche Rice pudding

Arroz con leche (rice pudding)

There are many rice pudding recipes. But none as beautiful and delicious as this ‘arroz con leche’. Don’t you believe us? Carry on reading…

zaragoza city map for foodies

Zaragoza city map for foodies

Zaragoza is my hometown. Come with me, explore it like a local and enjoy some of the many wonderful tapas bars and restaurants. Learn what to eat and where to eat it and visit some of the best local markets and food delis.

Bonito Marmitako

Bonito Marmitako (Basque tuna stew)

In Basque language, ‘marmitako’ means ‘what it is inside the pot’. So when the Basque fishermen were cooking aboard their boats… What did they…

Crema Catalana

Crema Catalana

For the French, the Catalan version of their crème brûlée. For the Catalans, the real deal plus the true original recipe. For everyone else,…

How to make chorizo

How to make chorizo

My aunt Amelia makes the best homemade chorizo ever. Having said this, the good news are that making chorizo at home is much easier…

Lentils with chorizo

Spanish lentils with chorizo

Lentils with chorizo are the ultimate comfort food for those winter days when getting outside is just too daring. Discover why this traditional recipe…

Spanish sweet potato omelette

Spanish sweet potato omelette

A sweeter version of our classic Spanish omelette and the perfect solution to get rid of those leftover sweet potatoes that threaten to set…

Meatballs in Brown Sauce Recipe |

Spanish meatballs in brown sauce

This is the classic way meatballs have been made at my home for generations. An original recipe full of little secrets that we now…

Pisto Manchego

Pisto manchego with aubergine

The ‘pisto manchego’ is our Spanish ‘ratatouille’, a super healthy and flavoursome traditional recipe which works equally well as a main or as a…

spanish polvorones

Spanish polvorones

These super crumbly and soft Spanish Xmas sweets are as good for your soul as they are bad for your diet. But hey! Who…